*Note: During January and February the SUP Boards will taken off the boat and stored for the winter. They will only be available for private lessons or groups. However, INSIDE the houseboat studio will be available for classes.

SUP Yoga

Corpus Christi Paddleboard Yoga and Pilates

SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboard. SUP YOGA combines regular yoga with yoga on a SUP board, which is essentially a floating yoga mat. At the start of each class, Water Dog will provide safety and basic paddle instructions. There will be a short paddle warm up to the fixed line or anchoring system that your board will attach to.

Generally, Water Dog classes will start with getting yogis comfortable on the boards and meditating to the ocean movements in easy stabilizing poses. We work up to vinyasas and more challenging poses. In addition, you will be on the water in the beautiful Corpus Christi Marina connecting with nature and the water during your yoga practice!


Tripod Headstand Prep

This SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) class is designed for people who have some experience doing yoga - a yogi! (even if you have never been on a SUP board before). But don't be intimidated by the name of the class, this will be a playful & fun class with plenty of options and modifications, as are all Water Dog classes.

What to Expect: We will start the class getting yogis used to the board with a warm up leading into Sun Salutations. The vinyasas and poses are not necessarily intermediate or advanced on land, but they will be challenging on a floating mat. We will focus on core exercies and strength along with challenging intermediate SUP poses & inversions like Warrior 1 & 2, crow, headstand variations, and maybe even one of the most challenging pose on a board - tree pose! There will be "yogi play time" at the end of class to try whatever other poses you want to work on. Take your yoga practice to a whole new level on the water!

Paddle Conditioning

SUP Conditioning

This is a paddle conditioning class where you will get your workout on the paddleboards. Josh or Stacie will lead you on a paddle tour in the marina choosing the route based on the wind and weather conditions. You will be given tips and paddling advice so you can get the most out of your workout. We will also show you techniques to use your core instead of your arms to paddle more efficiently and effectively.

Josh Richline is the co-owner of Water Dog Floating Yoga. He as been a long time sailor and he will use his expert knowledge of the water, wind and weather conditions in the Corpus Christi Marina to guide you through your conditioning workout.

***It is recommended that you have some experience paddling or with paddling sports like kayaking and that you are comfortable with the water.

***If you have no experience it is recommended that you take a private or semi-private lesson or attend a "Paddle Workshop" first.

Intro Workshops

Fun things to do in downtown Corpus Christi

These special event are specifically designed for those students who are new to SUP (Stand Up Paddleboards) and/or those new to Yoga or Pilates. The emphasis of this workshop is getting students comfortable on the water and on their floating mats. The workshops are designed with modifications to make beginners feel comfortable on the boards- even if they have never done SUP or Yoga/Pilates before!

 What to expect from the workshop:

  • On deck discussion about the paddleboards, paddling technique and water safety
  • Dynamic warm up on the deck
  • Brief paddle to a fixed anchor point where you will clip in your board
  • Modifications for beginners and mindful transitions between poses and exercises
  • Extra time before or after class to practice paddling (weather permitting)

SUP Pilates OR SUP Barre

Corpus Christ Yoga on the water

SUP Pilates & SUP Barre classes combines mat pilates and barre fitness on a Stand Up Paddleboard on the water. At the heart of pilates is developing and using a strong core and this becomes even more important when trying to balance and stabilize yourself on a paddleboard. The paddle will be used in the SUP Barre classes to help balance, burn and stabilize. These classes also help develop flexiblity, balance and stamina.

At the start of each class, Water Dog will provide safety and basic paddle instructions. Classes are modified for beginners to advanced. Most important is having fun and enjoying the unique water environment of this class!


Double Boat Pose on SUP

SUP Fit is a full body core inspired workout on the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) that includes a fusion of Yoga, Pilates, body weight, strength and fitness movements. You can expect to use your paddles during the workout on the board as well as resistance bands to take your workout to the next level! Because you are on a moving surface your core will be constantly working and adjusting to stay stable and stay on the board,

As in all Water Dog classes, modifications for beginners to advanced students will be provided along with mindful transitions between poses and exercises. You will also be given tips and tricks for being on a floating mat in the water. Each class will start with an on deck discussion about the paddleboards, paddling technique and water safety then there will be a brief paddle to a fixed anchor point where you will clip in your board and begin your water fitness class!


Night SUP & Marina Paddle with SUP GLO lights

Paddleboard night tour with Water Dog Floating Yoga

Night SUP & Marina Paddle

For this special class we will paddle around the marina and inside the protected waters and lights of the bay for a night paddle and tour. We will start this class just before sunset on the deck. Like all SUP classes we will start with a discussion of the boards, paddling techniques and water safety.

Each paddler will have the use of an inflatable, water proof light to place on their boards and SUP GLO lights for underneath their paddleboards.

About our  SUP GLO lights

We will light up the night with our SUP GLO lights! These LED lights are specifically designed for paddleboards and they attach underneath your paddleboard.

SUP GLO lights up the area in the water around the paddleboard to help guide us around the marina and maybe see some sea life!

***It is recommended that you have some experience paddling or are comfortable with other water paddle sports


Paddle Workshop Level 1 & 2

Yoga and fun things to do in Corpus Christi


  • Lead by Stacie and Josh Richline, Owners of Water Dog Flaoting Yoga

About the Workshop

  • Level 1 & 2: On deck discussion about:
  • Paddleboards and different types of boards
  • Paddleboard Safety
  • Paddling techniques, including turning
  • Places to SUP around Corpus Christi,
  • Waterway & boat traffic & safety,
  • Level 1 Students
    • On-deck warm-up and dynamic stretch
    • Paddle practice in a safe protected area near the marina docks
    • Fun paddle races with a *PRIZE* for the winner
  • Level 2 Students
    • Improving paddling technique
    • Improving turning technique
    • Short guided distance paddle around the marina
    • Fun paddle races with a *PRIZE* for the winner

*Note* This class will have two instructors. First time paddlers or those with little experience will be in one group with Stacie on the water and those with more experience and looking to improve will be with Josh on the water.

 This class can be used as part of a SUP Package (Go to the "Customer Area" at the bottom of our webstie to purchase a package.)