Anyone Can Yoga and SUP YOGA!

Is YOGA for me?

Spring Break Corpus Christi - SUP yoga with Water Dog

Young, old, and in-between – Yoga is for everyone and it has benefits for everyone. Have you ever heard someone say “I’m not flexible, so I can’t do yoga”? This is completely untrue! Yoga poses can be modified to ANY LEVEL! You may get even more benefits from it if you are not flexible – yet! Water Dog has a beautiful “Floating Deck” and “Floating Mats” for you to enjoy yoga, the outdoors and the healing qualities of yoga on the water while getting fitter and healthier.

BUT What is “SUP YOGA”?

Maybe you’ve never even been on SUP board. If fact what is a SUP board? SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboard. The boards we use for class are SUP ATX Fitness boards that are specifically designed for doing yoga and fitness on the water. They are wide, lightweight and stable to help keep you working out while floating on the water. Life vests are provided and the boards are attached to a fixed line so that you won’t float away. Unlike some other board sports, SUPing does not take much technical skill.

Can I do SUP YOGA?

At Water Dog, each class starts with water safety and basic paddle boarding instructions to build your confidence on the boards and on the water. The beginning of classes focuses on easy stabilizing poses help you get the feel of the board. All poses have modifications for beginners and eventually you can build your core strength and balance. With time and practice, you will get stronger and better to be able to do more advanced poses. Water Dog also does private and semi-private classes which also may be perfect for your first time on a board and/or doing yoga.

As always, yoga is your practice and you can take it at your speed and your level. Instruction is provided for all levels If you can do a yoga pose on land, for the most part, you can eventually learn to do that on the board. However, falling in can be part of the fun sometimes!