Water Dog August 2020 News

Hurricane Hanna Update:🌊🌀Water Dog is ok, but she did get during the hurricane laste weekend. Water Dog definitely has some large bruises, but she seems to have held up well considering what happened and we will be able to continue holding classes. Thank you to everyone who checked in with us about Water Dog, we appreciate you 🙏

August Schedule

The 😎coolest place to be in the ☀️summer is on the water!💦We will continue to limit class size and keep 6 feet spacing between participants. We'll continue to offer a live-streaming option for most of our deck classes. *Check back on our website for any changes or updates to this schedule throughout the month

Pool SUP Fit

This is the☀️COOLEST new class of the summer! The great part about these classes is that they are held outside of regular pool hours so we have the entire pool to ourselves!

Expect to get wet as we will start out IN the water!💦 These classes include a full-body workout combining elements of yoga, Pilates, fitness & fun! We'll be on inflatable fitness mats using resistance bands & balls! You’ll be having so much fun you won’t realize how much you are toning, strengthening & stretching!

Deck and live-stream classes & descriptions

Join us on the deck or live-stream our deck classes from anywhere. You can also check out our Deck & Studio Class Descriptions on our website. More interested in SUP? Check out our SUP Class Descriptions here!

Yogilates Mondays 7pm Sunset:
Yogilates is an all-levels class combining elements of both Yoga + Pilates focusing on strengthening the entire core. A strong core will help with proper posture and improving balance along with preventing injuries and lower back pain. We will also strengthen and stretch the arms and legs.

Yin Yoga Tuesdays 7pm Sunset:
Yin yoga is a slower, more meditative approach to yoga. Poses will be held longer (typically 3-5mins), getting into the deeper connective tissue of the joints & bones, increasing circulation and improving overall flexibility. This is our most beginner-friendly class and great for cross-training and injury prevention or recovery.

Ashtanga-based Yoga Wednesdays 6:30am Sunrise:
Flowing movements and breathe are at the heart of this vinyasa based class. Be prepared to move and build some internal heat! The particular set of poses used in this class are based on the Ashtanga Primary Series. Although this is a Power Yoga based class, like all classes at Water Dog, options and modifications will be given for all levels.

Vin Yin & Core Thursdays 7:30pm Sunet & Sundays 7am Sunrise
The first part of class is Vinyasa style, incorporating movement with breathe. Sun salutations will be part of the flow, adding on poses and sequences while including some core exercises. The second part of class is Yin yoga which is slower and poses will be held between 3-5 minutes. Class will finish with a blissful savasana or relaxation.

Water Dog on Coastal Living with Clarissa Serna

Check out Water Dog's interview on Coastal Living with Clarissa Serna! Watch the Zoom Interview plus shots taken out on the water during one of our recent SUP Yoga Relax classes. We discuss out outdoor experience, how to get started and what we are all about! CLICK HERE to watch!

Private Groups and Events

Experiences are often better when shared with friends and family. Get a group of friends together and schedule a private class with us. You can choose a Virtual live-stream class, SUP Yoga class or Deck class! For more information check out the Privates/Groups tab on our website under 'Classes'.

Call or email us to book a private class 361-760-1050 or info@waterdog.cc

Thank you again for all of your support of Water Dog!

Stacie & Josh Richline
Water Dog Floating Yoga