Special Events: Moonlit Floating Deck Yoga

Event Details:

  • TBA
  • 8:30-9:30PM.
  • Price $TBA

What is Moonlit Floating Deck Yoga?

Join Water Dog on the floating yoga deck after the sun sets for this special moonlit event. Water Dog’s deck features our calming blue lights and each yogi will have the use of an inflatable candle lantern for their yoga mats. This special yoga flow will include moon salutations. The class will be for all levels to enjoy and experience yoga on the water with the light of the moon to guide you.

Water Dog's Full moon Yoga
Water Dog Floating Yoga by moon and candle light

Moon Salutations

Moon salutations are done to honor the moon and its special energies. Moon salutations are a sequence of poses that are less vigorous than sun salutations and they tend to turn our focus more inward, bringing us a sense of calm. Like sun salutations, there are different versions and variations of moon salutations. Moon energy is at its strongest during the full moon phase. The moon is thought to be connected to the cyclic nature and rhythms of life and it can be associated with intuition, shadow, balance and influence.

****Come early to get pictures of the sunset from the top deck – June sunset time @8:24PM***

Water Dog Deck Lighted
Water Dog’s Floating Yoga Deck at Night

Come enjoy the meditative qualities of the moon, the wind, and the waves at Water Dog Floating Yoga. As with all of our classes Spaces are Limited so reserve your spot early.