New Year’s Day, Full Moon & 2018 Resolutions

New Year’s Day Full Moon Event at Water Dog

Start the New Year off right! On the very first day of 2018, join Water Dog Floating Yoga for “New Year’s Resolution” Full Moon Yoga- as the Full Moon falls on the first day of the year! January’s first Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon and as a bonus it will be a Supermoon!!

The Wolf Moon and the Supermoon

January 1st moon is considered a Supermoon because on it will be closest to the earth of all the other moons during the year. Wolves are particularly vocal during the first few months of the year so the Native Americans associated this month’s moon with howling wolves! Fun fact: Wolves actually do howl in the direction of a full moon as they point their noses to the sky to help project their voices.

New Year’s Day Resolutions and Intentions

As part of our full moon ceremony on New Year’s Day, we will be writing down our resolutions for 2018. Having it written down will help with accountability and serve as a reminder to look back on throughout the year. When writing a resolution, it is important to make it something realistic and set yourself up to be able to achieve the goals and follow through. This will be much more motivating! Take some time before the ceremony to think about your resolutions for 2018.

Letting Go

The full moon is good time to release and let go of things, ideas or sometimes even people that no longer serve us. Think about what you need to let go of and we will literally toss it into the bay!

Comradery and Friendships

Social interaction and support can be key to a healthy lifestyle and sticking to your resolutions. Towards the end of our full moon events, we offer light snacks and encourage participants to chat and get know one another and enjoy being part of the experience together.

Connect with nature

Enjoy the outdoors and the meditative qualities of the moon, the wind and the waves. For the New Year’s Day event, we should see both the sun set and the full moon rise! The class consist of a gentle yoga flow that will include moon salutations in honor of the moon and its energies along with a short meditation. Like all of Water Dog’s class this is all levels, modified for beginner to advanced.

Details about the event

When:            Monday January 1, 2018

Where:           Water Dog Floating Yoga’s Houseboat studio in the Corpus Christi Marina Downtown (Put 27.79, -97.39 into your GPS) 

Time:              5:30-6:45pm

Cost:              $30 (includes a ceremony bag & gifts)

Note: Sunset 5:46pm and Moonrise 5:41pm

Monthly Full moon yoga and meditation at Water Dog